Okay so, the convention was awesome today. Know what would make it even more awesome for me tomorrow? If I actually had someone to talk to there! Curse my complete lack of social skills and literally no friends in real life. SO.

If you see someone tomorrow (I might cosplay Dean Winchester because I ADORED the Sam that was there today even though I do not know who that Sam was and this is a Sherlock con, but whatever, I do what I want) who looks lonely and possibly brooding, and really probably very nervous, just come talk to me. Please save me from myself. I swear I am friendly but I just can’t seem to say, “Hi, I’m Brittni, please love me.” 

So here, allow me to type it: Hi, I’m Brittni. Please love me?

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      Green hair. Say hi to me.
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      I definitely wanted to say hi to you today because I saw your Dean necklace and also your cosplay is awesome, but I also...
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      I will look for you! I promise! But I have this thing where I tend to just loom ominously in the background until...
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      Your costume was great! I wanted to ask you where you got your necklace but when I turned around you were gone. You...
    5. teamponytail said: AAAAAHHHH several people told me about you and I completely missed seeing you, Dean! I won’t be there tomorrow but I am totally sending you loads of hugs through the internets.
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    7. wereheretohug said: ::hugs::
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      Uuugagagghh I am totally missing tomorrow due to GISHWHES but I wish I could say hi. What a great Dean lol (also yes Sam...
    9. yetanotherartblogon said: Dean, you look at little… different today. But, nevertheless, I think it’s important I tell you… I love you. -Castiel.